Kurtis is the author of two groundbreaking books. His work represents years of research and content development with a focus on closing the knowledge gaps of selling professionals. With his know-how, professional experience, and dedication to the field, he has identified core skills and processes that salespeople need to be effective. He goes further to provide step-by-step instructions to become competent in their roles by generating their own leads, maintaining customer relationships, and managing their own book of business.


As a passionate, result-oriented training expert for developing and delivering workforce training solutions, Kurtis will bring that same passion and commitment to training your team on the skills and strategies that will improve their performance. To learn about specific workshops, select a topic below for more details.

All workshops are offered virtually or in-person in accordance with COVID-19 compliance.

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Professional Development Strategies

Business Development Strategies

Managers as Trainer, Teacher & Coaches

CRM Success Strategies

Build Manage & Glow Your Sales Practice